Grooming Parlour

Our Grooming Parlour can cater for all breeds, and can be shampooed and trimmed as required. Below you will see the steps we go through in grooming your dog.

Meet Fergus, Fergus is a regular customer to Crystalvale Grooming Parlour.

This is Fergus before our fully trained grooming staff got there hands on him.

First stage for Fergus to go through is to be brushed to get any loose hair out, which also includes knots (hair which knots together close to the skin). Under few severe cases if knots can’t be brushed out they will be cut out with the use of either scissors or clippers.

Fergus is then rough clipped. Most of Fergus’s excess hair will come of at this stage, so when bathed we can minimise the drying time.

Fergus is then bathed (including his anal glands).

Excess water is then removed by a towel then we use a hot hair dryer and a brush to dry him completely.

Fergus is then final cut and shaped using scissors.

Fergus has had his cut and ready to go home.

If you would like to apply for boarding please download our application form below.

Application Form (105kb)